What to Expect When You’re Expecting …

… a job well done by Rockbridge Flooring.

There are some need-to-knows about in-home preparedness, so we thought you’d benefit from this quick list.

For Flooring Installation:

  • If you plan to paint your walls and/or trim, do it at least a week prior to installation and plan to touch-up after installation. Ideally, painting should occur post-installation.
  • Prior to carpet removal for new flooring, clients are asked to vacuum the carpet the day before installation to help minimize dust.
  • Hardwood and luxury vinyl plank needs to acclimate to the space it will eventually be installed in. Please allow us to deliver at least 24 hours in advance and make room for it to be placed inside; a garage will not suffice.
    • Heat and air settings must be set between your typical winter and summer numbers for proper acclimation. If your AC setting is typically 78 and your heat is typically 68, please set your thermostat to 73 for TWO DAYS prior to wood or LVP installation and 24 hours prior to carpet installation.
  • We are happy to move your empty furniture. Please remove drawers and clean off tops, shelves, etc. We are not responsible for your breakables.
  • We do not touch electronics. No unplugging, plugging, or even moving.
  • Closets need to be emptied of dresses and other long hanging clothes if the flooring is running into the closet.
  • Doors may need to be cut to clear the new flooring. That is an additional charge and not included in the original quote since it’s on an as-needed basis.
  • We do need access to power and water.
  • For our insurance purposes, please do not enter the space where we’re working.
  • Please inform us if there will not be access to a bathroom so we may provide a porta-potty for our installers.
  • Your completed installation will be in “broom swept” condition. If you would like to ensure dust removal, please let us know and we will secure a cleaning team for an additional fee.
  • In inclement weather, please clear the sidewalks for us. It helps to avoid a slip-and-fall accident and reduces tracks into your home.
  • We can only see what is visible. If you have hidden damage like a rotten subfloor, we may not know that until we encounter it. We can fix it for you, however, and there will be an additional fee to do so.
  • Our installers will have a job completion form for you to sign when they finish your installation. Please do so to indicate everything has been done.

We’re sure this isn’t an exhaustive list and we may have more tips to add in the future. The key to a successful project (and maybe life in general) is communication and flexibility. We look forward to working with you!

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