Black is the New Neutral

We’ve been waiting for black to have its day in the sun, and here we are.

Homes have faded from white and “builder beige” into grey as being the go-to neutral in the past five to ten years. Indeed, it’s time for something new. Enter black.

3rd Hour TODAY shared that the “design world” is calling black the new go-to neutral. In the right room, with the right trim, accents, and furniture, it’s a wonderful backdrop for living life.

Washington Post‘s November 12, 2019 article by Elizabeth Mayhew includes tips from designers on how best to embrace black. And it’s more than farmhouse chalkboard walls.

“Black is a great supporter of all interior styles. Whether sleek and modern or rustic farmhouse, black paint and decor offers a sophisticated air to many different looks.”

Brianna Nix, Decorist

As we day dream and envision a black room in our own home, white trim and gold tones (gasp!) come to mind. We’ve heard brass and gold was back, but we weren’t fully prepared to embrace it. Maybe the sophistication of black will help us to lean in to it.

As it turns out, black may even work very well for a child’s bedroom. It’s all in how you accessorize.

Think of the pops of color a black backdrop allows. Red, yellow, and even the lime green chandelier shown above … these colors play excellently with black.

If you’re ready to get bold with black, come see us. We have many black flooring and tile options for you to consider, as well as incredible bright color tiles, glass, and marbles that will accent wonderfully. There are also luxury vinyl tile (LVT) residential options as well as commercial options like this of Shaw Contract’s Grain + Pigment.

A few of our products …


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