Full Rockbridge County Bathroom Remodel

A quirky little bathroom (probably 1950’s) finally got its day in the sun. We removed the steel tub (thankfully it wasn’t the cast iron beast we were anticipating), removed two built-in storage closets, and raised the roof. Actually, we just raised the ceiling, but that doesn’t sound nearly as cool.

This house has a history we love. The home was built in the 1940s by my great uncle (I think?), and a few years later my grandparents purchased the unfinished home and made it their own. At my grandmother’s passing in 1986, my uncle and aunt gave it their own touches and have enjoyed making it their home ever since.

The bathroom and kitchen were created when a side porch was enclosed, making the ceiling height a bit on the low side, but not unlivable. James is every bit of 6′ to 6’1″ and he only had to duck through the doorway. Fortunately, he has no forehead bruises to show for the job.

James and the crew gutted the bathroom down to the studs and shored up a few questionable studs. The door was removed in favor of more space, which is allowed by installing a pocket door. The ceiling was pulled down and a new vent installed, along with plumbing, which was all original and in need of an upgrade.

The homeowner gave us an idea of her vision and we gave her the reality with the illusion of exposed beams. Really, we were able to apply a fast “weathering” technique to rough cedar and coordinate it with our ceiling panels. Can lights were added rather than a typical fixture.

The brand new custom tile shower includes a niche and small bench perfect for leg-shaving. The same shower tile cascades down onto the floor, which will eventually carry into the kitchen.

Our homeowner chose a light grey paint for the walls and clean white for the trim. Her vanity is also white, a free-standing Scott Brothers piece that keeps the space light.

Enjoy the gallery of start-to-finish images.

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