Double Take: Two Bathrooms Get a Do-Over

Our gracious clients wanted a flooring upgrade in their bathrooms but they didn’t expect what we found in one of them. Who ever does? A leaky toilet meant a rotten sub floor, which equaled brand new sub floor. Running into issues like this adds time to the job and increases the cost.

Flooring Process:

  • Reframed and patched around the rotted flange with 1/2″ plywood
  • 5/8″ plywood sub floor overlay
  • Schluter® DITRA installed with modified thin set
  • 12 x 12 porcelain Del Conca Roman Stone Beige installed with unmodified thin set
  • Used Mapei Keracolor™ S sanded grout in “biscuit” to complete the installation

The same products were used in the second, undamaged bathroom, but were installed on concrete.

The source of the leak in this job was an unseated toilet. A toilet can become unseated by too much plunging and/or by not tightening the bolts well enough. If bolts are not properly tightened, the toilet can rock (and will do so more dramatically as time goes on), causing the seal to break and allow a leak. Over plunging on an insufficiently bolted toilet can blow out the seal.

One tell-tale sign that your seal may have broken and your toilet is leaking is if you see a blue to purple discoloration on your floor. Don’t assume that a small stain is no big deal. This particular job had only a small stain and you can see from the photos what awaited us when we pulled up the vinyl. It was a much larger deal than you would expect from an area the size of the bottom of your coffee mug.

So, do you have a stain that you want checked out? Give us a call and we’ll give a once-over – for free! Call James to schedule an appointment. 804-592-9064