Handyman Services

Rockbridge Flooring Professionals is now offering indoor handyman services.

We know it can be hard to find someone to do “one little thing” inside your house. We’re happy to fill in the gap when you purchase a new dishwasher but need help installing it, or want to swap an old light fixture with a new one. We can also help you with more than that …

  • Faucet changed
  • Dishwasher installed
  • Towel or grab bars installed
  • Ceiling fan or other light fixture installed
  • Replace or re-seat a toilet
  • Replace a door or install a storm door

These are all things we do daily for our clients who are remodeling their spaces, so why not help you with “one little thing” too? Give us a call at 540-464-4616.

If you’re thinking about any of the above changes to your home but have not yet made a purchase, we can also help you with that part. RFP now offers a variety of faucets, sinks, towel and grab bars, knobs and pulls, vanities with and without tops, toilets (even fancy ones with a bidet!), and more.