Wire-Brushed Wood

Hardwood floors have been the rage for quite some time. Home owners love the natural beauty of wood, and appreciate the various stains and textures available to match any look that they might be going for.  One of the more popular trends in hardwood flooring over the last few years is wire-brushed floors.

So, what is a wire-brushed hardwood floor?  To explain it simply, wire-brushing is a finishing technique where the wood planks are scraped with a hard-bristled wire brush- creating a distressed surface.

If you thought the point of a wood floor was to embrace its natural appeal, you’re not wrong.

Light distressing can actually help enhance the wood grain and create more texture and personality.  As the wood is brushed, the soft grains from the growth ring are pulled back, exposing the heartwood.  The resulting look is a textured floor with a classically beautiful weathered, rustic look similar to what you would see with reclaimed or barn wood.

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Image by Impressions Flooring Collection.