Silver Fantasy Foyer


Our client has a contemporary floor-to-ceiling glass foyer with a spiral staircase as its centerpiece. They chose to overlay their existing marble with a high-shine, beautiful new gray marble.

Perfectly cut into 12- x 24-inch pieces, the tiles went down in a “galveston” pattern. See the before and after shots below.

Additional Notes:

Prior to installation, the existing marble was acid etched to remove the polish layer. Otherwise, the new tiles would not adhere to the old. In the photos above, the acid etch has already occurred, resulting in a matte-look finish on the dark marble.

Precise cuts were made to match the rounded, existing marble tiles around the staircase.

A stainless steel stairnose manufactured by Schluter was used. It’s visible in the last photo.

You may wonder about the exposed concrete space behind and below the spiral staircase. The client previously filled that space with quarter-sized rocks. After installation, they planned to place larger, fist-size sandstone.

Where to Purchase “Silver Fantasy”: