How Much Does it Cost to Install Hardwood Flooring?

This is a common question, and we can answer it for you this way: It depends.

Measuring_Tape_aussiegall_on_FlickrDepends on what?

  • Subfloor – Are you installing in new construction, or maybe tearing up carpet? If tearing up carpet, removal is a line item on your bill. Are you installing below grade (i.e. in the basement on concrete)? If so, there is extra labor involved, not to mention moisture factors to consider.
  • Speaking of Moisture – Moisture can be a factor on any level of your home, and is often undetected. Regardless of what material you’re hoping to have installed, a wet subfloor requires drying time at least, and replacement at most.
  • Moisture from Pet Soiling – This type of moisture must be covered with an oil-based primer product like KILZ, which will seal in any oily residue and odors. Soiled areas must be primed even if re-installing carpet, as odors will gradually make their way up through new padding and carpet.
  • Hardwood Choice – Your material choice makes a difference. Will you choose pre-finished? If so, that is a cheaper installation than sanding and staining. Will you choose an in-stock item or special order? Special orders generally cost a bit more. An exotic material (Tulipwood, Wild Olive, Brazilian Cherry, etc.) further increases the cost.
  • Craftsmanship – There’s an old adage, “You get what you pay for.” Unfortunately, it’s true. When obtaining a quote for installation, it is wise to never go with the cheapest or the most expensive – one knows not what he’s doing and the other could be taking advantage. Additionally, certifications and proof of knowledge matter. Ask for both.

How we can help you:

  • Our owner, James Higgins, holds an endorsement from PERGO® and is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified Lead Dust Sampling Technician. Our company, Rockbridge Flooring Professionals, LLC, is an EPA certified Lead Renovation Firm.
  • Mr. Higgins also holds certifications from the International Certified Flooringcovering Installers Association (CFI) for both commercial and residential carpet.

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