Nursery Flooring

Soon-to-be new moms spend a lot of time thinking, planning and dreaming of their perfect nursery. As a mom of two, I know this is true. But even down to the flooring?

Pergo Max Zoo Friends
Pergo Max Zoo Friends

Lowe’s is the only retailer of Pergo MAX – a line of new products launched by Pergo – and the only place you’ll find Zoo Friends. According to the Lowe’s product page, Zoo Friends’ “ultra-realistic design features a blacklight sensitive characteristic; the cosmic stars are mostly visible under normal lighting, but becomes evident when exposed to a blacklight source.”

While this sounds really cool, is it worth the investment? You’ll have to make that call for yourself. Are you planning to have more children than your first, that this room might remain a nursery for more than a couple of years? Could it become a play room after it’s a nursery? Do you love safari animals?

Let’s see if it’s a budget-friendly investment for you.

$61.40/box – a box contains 17.70 square feet, which equals $3.47/square foot

So how big is your nursery? ____ sq ft x $3.47 = $ cost of your materials. And then there’s labor, unless you’re a DIYer. Assuming you are, let’s just go with the cost of materials for an average sized room (108 square feet sound ok? That’s the size of my youngest’s room.).

108 square feet will require seven boxes. Yes, seven boxes will be way more than enough laminate, but six will not be enough. You’ll want to have that cushion anyway if you’re a DIYer. Trust me.

Your grand total for materials alone (pre-tax): $374.76

Do you have several hundred dollars to toss away for what may be three or four years of awesomeness? Or should you just keep the existing floor and put that dough into nursery furniture? My vote is furniture. Go get a nice rocking chair. You’re going to need that way more than a glow-in-the-dark floor.

^ That’s the mom talking up there. But the wife of the flooring contractor says that if you want this floor, get it. It is cool and you and your child will love it. Then make sure you call us because the man behind this business is a Pergo Endorsed Installer.

The Endorsed Installer guarantee states: “Should any installation by a Pergo Endorsed Installer fail due to a non-moisture related installation fault within one year after installation, Pergo, Inc. will provide replacement Pergo® product and all system components at no cost. In return the Endorsed Installer agrees to provide labor to repair or replace the faulty installation.” No company in the industry can match this commitment level. – Pergo

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